Experience with Stewart, Cooper, & Coon?
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Does anyone have any experience with Stewart, Cooper, and Coon, an "executive placement" firm that helps you with your job search for a fee?

My husband is considering using them. He is looking for a project manager position in the tech industry. Thanks!
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Since when is project manager an executive position?
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I have no experience with the firm, so maybe this is just a derail, but I would not trust any organization that reverses the standard funding stream for an industry (ie headhunting).
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I looked just very briefly at their site and immediately started noticing stuff like

"...they choose us, hand's down."
"...She faced three obsticles."
"Each Day You Delay In Securing Your New Job Cost's You Money"

And lots of just plain awkward; "He authored the best-selling career book titled, Ready Aim Hired, now in its third printing." "There are many reasons why people are in search." "You are the executive to have completed this survey."

I would not allow these people to so much as write a resume for somebody I cared about. If the web site's that sloppy and unprofessional, it's really hard to imagine that their work is wildly different. Maybe it is, but, I would not be able to get past "obsticles" and "hand's down."
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Also, not that I'm particularly one to trust these sorts of things, but the first Google search suggestion for "stewart cooper coon" (no quotes) is "stewart cooper coon scam". That's never a good sign.
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Whoa, and check out this site:

Rip-off Report | Stewart Cooper & Coon
After a thorough investigation into the Reports filed, Ripoff Report has determined Stewart, Cooper and Coon is a legitimate company. Reports filed have been determined to be the result of competitors posing as clients or consumers, attempting to discredit them. This is not the norm for Rip-off Report, except for a few cases where companies have been targeted by competitors for covert actions like this report. Stewart, Cooper & Coon 100% committed to customer satisfaction.


Stewart Cooper & Coon proves to be among the top members of the Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program, as a Verified Safe Business. Over time and since becoming a member, Stewart Cooper & Coon has remained actively engaged and improving the way they address customer service complaints. Rip-off Report has confirmed that Stewart Cooper & Coon is no fraud, is not a scam and is of the highest integrity.
"Rip-off Report" looks to be obviously bought and paid for. Stay far, far away.
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There are lots of good, legitimate executive search firms that specialize in IT/tech/new media.
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