Yo quiero entender mas.
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Where and how to learn Spanish in Atlanta at a relatively low cost?

Does anyone know of any particular person or organization that offers low-medium cost Spanish classes? I would like to take at least one, hopefully two classes per week. Ideally, the classes would start with the very basics and work its way up from there, going through both conversational skills and grammar knowledge.

More broadly speaking, what are some good Spanish-learning tools that y'all would recommend? Books, CDs, exercises . . . anything, really.

I work at a Cuban restaurant, so I would be able to practice almost daily with coworkers. I just need to get my knowledge of the language jumpstarted.
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Don't know anything Atlanta specific, but there's always livemocha. It's online and free, and good if you're just starting out.
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Maybe just a decent introductory grammar book (not one of those massive reference ones) and also attending Spanish language meetups (meetup.com). There are a few in Atlanta. There are many for whom this approach has worked.

When I start learning Spanish, this is likely the method I will use. Some people don't do so well with self-instruction and do better in a classroom environment though. Depends on your style.
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If you get to practice listening and speaking at your work, it sounds like you'd like a grammar/vocab crash course. Which is good, because this is what books will give you.

When I was looking to learn Spanish I did 1 on 1 classes with a native Spanish speaker who had been a school teacher back in Guatemala. She was willing to trade lessons with me twice a week - I'd teach English one day and she'd teach Spanish the next. We bought beginner books from a university bookstore and would do homework by ourselves and then ask questions and discuss it when together. It worked really well.

I got in contact with this native Spanish speaker by asking around at adult education facilities for migrant farmworkers, so I was able to easily find a native speaker who was already interested in learning English.
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If you're just looking for basics, and can do self-instruction, Rosetta Stone is pretty affordable and I've found (for German at least) it works pretty well ($179 for Basic 1).
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If you're really looking for value try an online course via Skype. There are many schools offering this now and because they are based in South America or Central America they can charge around $10/hour for private, one on classes and you can take them from the comfort of your own home at your leisure designed to suit your needs. They will also email you homework and correct it. If you want some specific recommendations for schools PM me.
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