Another bumber sticker question
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Since there have been a couple of bumber sticker questions...
It's been awhile since I've seen one so I'm going from memory. I think the logo has a black capital 'A' on a horizontal blue bar as a background with black bars above and below the blue bar. Anybody seen this before?
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i've never heard of the A, but the bumper stickers that consist of a blue bar sandwiched between two black bars is supposed to signify that there was a law enforcement officer in the driver's family who died in the line of duty.

i suspect most people slap them on their cars to elicit sympathy from cops before they get a speeding ticket though.
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Combine that with the black capital A for anarchists, and you've got… ehm… well, something.
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There's a BDSM emblem that's black and blue (black and blue. Get it?). I've seen a number of variations on it, but what I kind of doubt that what you're describing would be one of them. It's possible, though.
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I believe there's a company that sells insurance, or financial services or something, to military people, and their logo looks something like that. When I first moved to Arkansas, I frequently mistook said logo for the leather-pride logo, which, thankfully, did not result in any horrible misunderstandings.
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