ViSalus Science: color me skeptical
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Please tell me everything you know about the ViSalus Science Program.

Normally my Internet researching skills are up to figuring this stuff out for myself, but with the wealth of "this is a SCAM" vs. "this site saying it's a scam will infect your computer with a virus" stuff floating around, I'm nervous.

Firsthand experiences/stories are especially welcome; I'd like to know what it is that my sister's gotten herself into before I say anything about it. Thanks!
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It's obviously a typical MLM pyramid deal, don't let your sister get sucked in.
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More science on MLM.
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ViSalus is a typical MLM scam.

If your sister has become a "distributor" she has lost the sign-up fee, unless she chooses/can push that expense onto friends and family by signing them up as "distributors". At which point each of those people are stuck in the exact same situation.

I don't really understand how MLM schemes are even quasi legal.
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Response by poster: I totally do get how MLMs work, as Dad was involved with one many years ago.

I was looking specifically for more information on this one company/program, though. She lives in an extremely poor rural area where having a college degree and working two jobs is still not enough income for her to get by (this is her third job); because of this, she's unlikely to give it up until she's already been burned pretty badly. If I have something concrete and specific to show her, though, it might be helpful in convincing her to quit sooner than later. So please, keep the answers coming!
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