How to keep track of blog comments
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What do you use to keep track of comments online? I've been using coComment for ages but it can be slow and it doesn't work with the recent Firefox upgrade.

I know, I could use RSS feeds but if there is a simple, easy tool out there I'd love to know. And if there isn't have you any tips and tricks for keeping track of blog comments etc that you've left. I often want to keep up to date with a conversation but forget where it was. CoComment used to remember for me (dumbing me down maybe).
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Would Disqus help? It's cloud based commenting and tracking.
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Doesn't Disqus have to be the commenting system in use on a particular blog? I'm looking more for something that I can use to track comments on all sorts of different blogs and websites. I'd log in to cocomment and then everytime I left a comment on another blog it would track updates and let me know.
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Discus only helps if the OP only comments at blogs that use Dicsus. Wordpress blogs usually have a checkbox to subscibe and be emailed future comments in the thread. But normally, I just bookmark the post so i can go back to it.
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The vast majority of blogs have a permalink for each comment, so I just save the permalink for my comment to my delicious account (you could use any bookmarking service), tagged with "mycomments". This doesn't seem to work with all blogs though. For instance any blog done by Gawker Media (Gawker, Lifehacker, The Consumerist, etc.), the comment threading is weird so even when you save the permalink to your comment it doesn't link you back. You end up having to expand every thread to hunt for yours. But it works well enough for most other blogs.
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There was a previous thread on this question, see here. Answers recommended Cocomment and Commentful.

I think I tried Commentful; it was a pain to use and worked poorly. Their website appears to be defunct. No idea what the state of the art is.
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