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I used to enjoy Progresso's jarred olive salad, but they have apparently stopped making it. I never see it in the store any more and it doesn't appear on their web site. Can any of you recommend a substitute, and a source in or near Boulder?
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I've found that asking the company themselves is actually a pretty decent way of getting this info:


I did this with Hanes after they got rid of what I was wearing. I also did it with Ocean Spray. Both times I got answers.
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By olive salad do you mean giardiniera? Because I'm sure I've bought that here in Boulder, and I'll take a look around while shopping this week if that's what you're looking for.
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Not giardiniera, but thanks for prompting me to clarify. The olive salad had pitted green olives whole and in pieces, roasted red peppers, water?, vinegar, olive oil, some herbs that I can't remember, maybe capers. No carrots, cauliflower, or pepperoncini.

The wikipedia article on Muffuletta mentions several olive salad brands, "Boscoli Family, Rouse's, Dorignac's, Frank's, and Aunt Sally's.", but in my (less than exhaustive) searching I haven't seen any of them in stores here.
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Order the best. It's worth it.
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Or make your own.
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Well you're not going to find Rouse's or Dorignac's outside of Louisiana because those are local grocery stores. I am not familiar with exact brands because I've never had olive salad outside of a Muffaletta, but if Boscoli and Aunt Sally's are indeed good, you can get them on Amazon.
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Trader Joe's has stocked a pretty good olive salad, I think they call it "Muffuleta" though.
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Oh gawd, now I'm craving a Central Grocery muffuletta. Time for another trip to Nola.
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