Paint my grill?
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How can I apply paint to a charcoal grill that won't burn off or discolor?

I'd like to apply some stencils to my Smokey Joe charcoal grill. What kind of paint should I use that can withstand high temperatures without discoloring or being affected by high heat?
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There is specific high-temperature paint made for this. Your color choices are likely to be limited. Love for something called grill paint. Engine block paint will probably work too.
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Krylon high heat and BBQ red
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Engine Paint.
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Alot of the engine paints are spec'd to 600 degress. Is that high enough for a grill? I should also add I'm looking for yellow. I found a yellow brake caliper paint, would that work?
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I'm not entirely sure what brake caliper paint is, but it's likely high-temp enamel of some form. Any auto paint store will be able to get you a spray can of an engine paint in virtually any color you want. "Engine paint" is usually good to 500 to 550 degrees F, good enough for the outside of a grill. Remember that all high-temp paints require heat curing so you'll either need to bake them or cure them in situ by running the grill at an elevated temperature for some time. Engine paints will have instructions for curing "on the car" that tell you how long to run the engine; your cook time should be equivalent.
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My Alfetta's exhaust manifold was ugly so on engine rebuild I painted it with Dampney Thurmalox paint and even though the manifold would get well above 500C the paint never cracked, discolored or came loose. I assure you the paint is plenty robust for your use.
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My next question then is do I have to do any sort of priming? Or should I just degrease the grill part to be painted?
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When I did the exhaust manifold I degreased, bead blasted, used the Thurmalox primer and finally painted. The two bakeouts were done, where else, in an outside charcoal grill. The Dampney site has some guidance about whether you should use primer (I have gone without primer on some stove flues). You'll have to degrease in any case.
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