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I have a PC running Firefox 6 as of yesterday. When I try to go to I get the following message: An error occurred during a connection to Peer's Certificate has been revoked. (Error code: sec_error_revoked_certificate) Googling is not helping perhaps because I am not familiar enough with certificates and how they work. Any ideas on how to use the site without turning off certificates? Is it important to keep them on?
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I see the same w/ Firefox 5. It's probably fine, but I wouldn't use the site until it's resolved.
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Their certificate may have been revoked for a reason. Odd that they're not sending a new one, though.
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For what it's worth, I'm getting the same error in Firefox 5, but not Chrome or IE. Could be a glitch with Chase's web server, or an error in Firefox's certificate revocation list, or it could be that someone is actively trying to intercept traffic to Chase's servers using a fraudulent certificate. I would just advise waiting a while and seeing what happens.
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Hmm. I get the same error (security certificate revoked) using Google Chrome.
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Best answer: I'm seeing it on Chrome and Firefox here, not with Chromium (an open source compilation of Chrome).

I'd call up Chase and ask them. The certificates are telling you that a very trusted third party has confirmed the identity of If you turn that off, then anyone can set up a "man in the middle" attack that says "yeah, I'm, even if these other guys don't vouch for me".

This could be happening because the third parties that the various browsers trust for this have screwed up, and there are reasons to be somewhat suspicious, but this is very much something that Chase needs to fix, and you shouldn't just willy-nilly turn off the certificate authority checking without understanding why.
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Best answer: Chase Bank's website is completely down right now, FWIW. Seems like they may be aware of this problem - or suffering from an attack.
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It's showing as revoked because Verisign's system says it's revoked. (Chase uses Verisign for their SSL certs):
Response verify OK
0x58390C351B84D5E3C4CF8FE0FEDAD9F0: revoked
This Update: Aug 17 14:39:44 2011 GMT
Next Update: Oct 2 14:30:35 2011 GMT
Reason: unspecified
Revocation Time: Aug 17 14:37:42 2011 GMT

It should look something like this (from my bank):
Response verify OK
0x38F9EF4CF80E2553C89395A230CD7586: good
This Update: Aug 16 10:05:03 2011 GMT
Next Update: Aug 23 10:05:03 2011 GMT
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I should add that any browser that supports EV certificates (or otherwise has OCSP support) should be throwing an error. That should include IE7+, but not IE6.
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