iTunes not moving music to new location
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Moving iTunes library to another disc--iTunes is not copying the music.

I'm using Windows XP and am attempting to move my library to an external hard drive. I am following the instructions from Apple--Under the Advanced settings, I've changed the media location. When I do this it says it is updating the library and places an exclamation point next to each song. Under File, I've chosen Library--Organize Library--Consolidate. iTunes then proceeds to copy every non-musical file to the new destination. I've tried this a few times but haven't had any luck. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the reason iTunes is not copying my music. (I feel that once the exclamation point is there, it treats them as if they don't exist--however, I'm not sure how to get around this and still change the destination before telling it to consolidate in the new location).
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Have you tried manually moving the iTunes music folder to the new location? I think changing the "media location" just tells iTunes where to look for the music files, rather than telling iTunes to move all your music files to that place.
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yeah, itunes doesn't copy the songs.
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Yeah, itunes buries your stuff in your Windows c:\Documents and Settings\username\ either local settings or application data... I can't remember the rest, it's been a long time since I did Windows XP.

Can you do a filename search and include system folders and hidden folders?
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Thanks for your replies. According to this Apple document iTunes is supposed to copy the files over to the new destination.

"If your hard drive is nearly full after loading all your music and other media into iTunes, or if you just want to move all those music and media files to another hard drive on your system, here's a way to make the move while retaining all your playlists, ratings, and play history."

I've followed the steps and it does move nearly everything, except the music.

I would just "manually" move the files over, but the consensus of what I've read on-line says this is not a smart move.

Am I being too cautious? If not, why isn't iTunes moving the music?

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In the Mac preferences there are two checkboxes beneath the library location. They say " iTunes Media folder organized" and "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library." I assume you have those options in Windows, too.

Are both of them, or especially the second one, checked?
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Yes, they're both checked. Should I uncheck the second?
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Nope, they should be checked.

Have you consolidated your library at its current location before changing it? Do all of your files seem to be in the current location?

If you have or they are, then you've got me... I used to be a regular poster at iLounge's forums, and they were very helpful at the time. Try this (40 page!) stickied thread, maybe search or add your own question to the end. They may have some better ideas.
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