Is my neck OK? Is my tummy OK?
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Sudden neck pain and tummy troubles. Am I okay?

A couple hours ago, my neck started to feel a bit stiff. It hurts to look left and right as well as tilting my head back, but I can touch my chin to my chest just fine (so hopefully there's no risk of meningitis-- I don't have a fever, either). When I open my mouth all the way, the back of my neck aches. Possibly causes for the neck pain: I went swimming today, which I've done a couple times this week (mainly just lolling around in the pool, though, not much actual swimming). I was floating on top of some foam noodles with my head tilted a bit back for a few minutes, and I also did a few pull-ups on the diving board (though I've done those before with no pain). Between swimming sessions I was lying on a towel on the grass, looking at a magazine (on my tummy and then on my back-- holding the magazine up to block the sun).

Also, I've had a bit of diarrhea this evening. Once before dinner and once after (Indian food... urggghhh). I didn't eat anything weird today.

No vomiting. No other obvious symptoms. My neck is killing me, though!

I'm hoping these things aren't connected. But if they are... any ideas? Would icing my neck help?

Thank you MeFi!
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Best answer: As someone with a neck problem, it sounds to me like your neck is fine. You probably just pulled a muscle or something--it happens to the best of us, and it can be surprisingly easy to do. One time, I pulled a muscle in my back just by pointing at something too fast. True story. Take some advil or an aleve, do some light stretching before you go to bed, and see how you feel in the morning.

I think the pooping is just a red herring.

Obviously, if any of your symptoms persist for more than a day or two, you should see a doctor. You're probably fine, though. IANAD.
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Concur with phunniemee. It sounds like you just pulled something. I've done it myself - falling off my pillow! Not a pleasant way to wake up.

Some NSAIDS, a little IcyHot, and some rest should do the trick. If it doesn't, off to the doc with you!
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The only thing I can think of that might explain a connection both symptoms would be over-stimulation of the vagal nerve. There could be a number of other causes as well such as dehydration, pulled muscle, stomach ulcer. I think it would be hard to figure out without more data...but I would wait a day and make a doctor's appointment if either of the symptoms worsen.
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Viruses can cause joint pains/arthritis.

See a doctor if it sticks around; we're only the internet. ;)
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No unexplained bites or rashes? I agree about seeing a doctor if it sticks around, especially if you develop a fever (watch out for an NSAID masking that).
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Response by poster: No bites or rashes. I'm feeling a bit better after icing my neck. And the gut has improved, too!

Thank you all for the reassurance. I tend to stress about health-related problems and I'm glad I could lean on y'all for some answers. I will see my doctor if I don't improve soon!
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Did you get a sunburn?
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Response by poster: No sunburn! A very light tan, though. Today I woke up feeling great. No neck or tummy pain! Thank goodness!
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