Social Justice Posters
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I'm looking for posters to hang on my walls, and I would like to find some online with social justice quotes and themes. I'd prefer if the posters were just quotes in nice font, but I'm having trouble finding such a thing.

I saw this question already.

I'd really like to find Dorothy Day quotes, but I'd be happy to find other ones too.
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Best answer: Have you thought about making some yourself? I haven't tried this project (yet!) but it looks pretty simple.
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Best answer: Take a look at this thread, too. I especially recommend (as I did there) this MLK poster. I own it and reread it often.
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I found you a Dorothy Day option.
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Some nice ones here.
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Justseeds has some amazing ones. Fairly inexpensive, too.
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I like this design blog's collection
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The Syracuse Cultural Workers have some, but they're graphics heavy, for the most part.
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I can't link it via my phone but "Syracuse cultural workers" has what you are looking for.
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Best answer: These might not be in the vein you're loking for, but here are some I found:
Crane poster
All We Are Saying...
Cuban poster
Syracuse Cultural Workers...I like this one
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Northern Sun is my go-to for political posters. "Is your washroom breeding Bolsheviks?"
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I'm not sure just how social justice you're looking to go, but Crimethinc made the only poster (pdf) that I've ever seen fit to hang in my workplace and the price is right.
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Response by poster: There's some great options here! I particularly like the subway art posted in apricot's link, but I would ideally like to find posters in that style instead of having to make them myself. Or the crane poster in hellchula's comment looks great too. If anyone can find anymore like those, particularly subway art style, I'd appreciate it.
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Nikki McClure, who did the artwork for the Crimethinc poster linked above, has many many more posters, which I think are similar to what you're looking for. They're here.
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Unfortunately the wonderful Northland Poster Collective closed its doors a year or so ago, but one of their main artists, Ricardo Levins Morales, now sells directly through his website. Morales has a particular style which might make you go "Yes, those!" or might make you go "No, not those" though.
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