My SUV Stereo is Haunted
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Why does the factory stereo in my 2002 Ford Escape (AM/FM stero, 4 speaker, six disk changer) randomly change stations and randomly change or eject CD's?

Some days I can drive for a few hours without problems. Other days for only a few minutes and this behavior will start. I remain clueless. It's very annoying.
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Your car is nine years old. Cars last for a while these days, but this sort of electronic shenanigan just happens after a while. My last car was a 1999, and by mid 2007, any bass at all would make the right front speakers sound like a swarm of bees. Annoying as hell.

Fortunately, you can get a new stereo deck for about $100. Head on over to your local stereo place, and they can probably get the thing replaced, maybe even while you wait if you call ahead.
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It sounds possessed, but it's most likely just old. The boyfriend's car stereo randomly turns on, without going over bumps or anything, and the CD player is shot. His is 10 years old, and yours is almost there. Replace it, and upgrade at the same time. Happy early birthday! (Unless today's your birthday, in which case, happy birthday!)
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Same thing here, for my 2002 Ford Focus. Given her age, I'm unlikely to make the investment in a new stereo. She's just old, that's all.
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