Best apps for saving and editing word docs on iPad?
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I am looking for an app for my iPad that allows me to save word documents from the Internet, open them and edit them preferably with a handwriting ability, on the iPad without having to filter them through googledocs or convert them to PDFs. I am basically looking to eliminate having to go through another normal computer from the process so that I can download, view and edit my class note outlines right in class on my iPad. Any app suggestions? I am willing to invest a bit of money in an app if it does what I want.
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Apples Pages app edits in Word format and then lets you export back as Word.

It's simple and easy.

Outside of that, QuickOffice or DocstoGo will be your best options.
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Response by poster: I have pages but can't seem to figure out how to get the doc from the Internet into pages without going through google or iTunes on my laptop though. How do I save a doc to pages directly on the iPad? Am I stupid? I might be.
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You should check out Goodreader. It allows you to save files from the internet, which you can then send to Pages or your other document editing suite of choice. It can also upload to Google Docs. There is fairly extensive documentation available here, so you should be able to get an idea of whether it will fit your needs before you buy it.
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You're not stupid :) Apple has made this intentionally difficult probably so as to force you into their iCloud service.

The trick is to use a DropDav (5 bucks a month) service in conjunction with Dropbox (free).

Follow this recipe.
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I use URLDroplet to save to dropbox, simply paste in a URL and authenticate and it downloads it to dropbox.

DropDav looks great though, I will check that out.
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You can do all those listed above, but also if you surf to the page in the iPad Safari browser and click on the file you want, iOS will ask you what program to open it in. You can then tell it to load in Pages and it'll download.
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