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I fell in love with Vincent. Alas, I have now watched all of "Beauty & the Beast." Who can I fall in love with now?

Looking for things to watch that are similar. What I enjoyed about "Beauty & The Beast" was the dichotomy of two worlds within one, the struggle of maintaining a life in both worlds, the mix of modern life with medieval ways, the secrecy, and of course the romantic focus of the plot.

I want to watch more of this type of thing. What else might I like? And just to add, I really like that it's the real world vs this secret world within the real world part a lot --- I wouldn't mind watching something that primarily takes place in a fantasy world of sorts, but I'm more looking for worlds within worlds than completely separate worlds.
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Neverwhere pretty much hits all those notes, altho it is my least favorite of the various Gaiman adaptations (it's also a much shorter series). Supposedly American Gods is winding up to be a series on Showtime or HBO, and that should be awesome (unless it isn't, whereupon it won't be).
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Bear with me in that it was a cartoon, but we really enjoyed Gargoyles. Gargoyles in 'modern' NYC, who turn back to stone during the day. Vincent and Goliath (the leader of the clan) have some similarities.

Tied in with the Ron Perlman connection - have you seen the Hellboy movies? There are some definate "secret world within the real world" aspects there. I think the first one is better than the second, fwiw.

(I also agree with Neverwhere. Watch the series before you read the book. It was a BBC series before it was a book, but don't let reading the book first color your impressions of the series.)
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Best answer: I obviously can't make any claims as to their quality, but there are not one but two network dramas debuting this fall that involve fairy tales colliding with the real world. Early buzz around both seems to be mixed, but you might want to check them out once they debut anyhow.
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Buffy, True Blood, Highlander, Batman: The Animated Series.
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Best answer: It's not a series, but have you ever seen the 1976 Hallmark Hall of Fame version of Beauty and the Beast? You'll fall in love with George C. Scott's beast as well, methinks.
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True Blood
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There are lots of examples of this sort of thing in sci-fi (Men in Black, They Live). How important is "the mix of modern life with medieval ways" and "the romantic focus of the plot"?
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Don't forget the book spinoffs! Authored by my favorite author, Barbara Hambly, & quite well written.
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Response by poster: How important is "the mix of modern life with medieval ways" and "the romantic focus of the plot"?

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oooh, seconding the Highlander TV series
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This sort of theme comes up quite a lot in Japanese anime (I'm thinking of Mushi-Shi and XXXHOLiC to name two). Check those two out, and if you've got Netflix you can find A TON more!
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I think you might like Big Love. There is a lot of secrecy and intrigue, and adjacent to the seemingly sweet, off-kilter suburban world that the modern polygamists occupy, there is the hidden world of the polygamist fundamentalist compound with its Amish braids and humble ways and starkly amoral leaders.

Fascinating (and surprisingly romantic) through and through.
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(Don't let the title "XXXHOLiC" throw you; it's not porn. The title is pronounced "holic".)
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Seconding "Big Love".
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Surprised no one has mentioned the Cocteau masterpiece, "La Belle et la BĂȘte", which is a lush, silent, B&W treatment of that classic tale.

OMG, I love it so much.
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Thirding the Highlander TV series.

Sure, it's cliche to the point of campiness, but that sounds like what the OP wants. Also, it's not set in the sewers, you get Vancouver Paris.
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Best answer: OH!! Pushing Daisies is probably exactly what you're looking for. Very romantic :)
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Best answer: What you're talking about sounds a lot like the recent anime "Dog Days". It's surprisingly good, though it isn't very deep. Two nations are at war. One nation is losing. So its leader, Princess Millhiore, decides to magically summon a hero to aid her army.

The kicker? Millhiore is a doggy girl, with ears and a tail, and her entire nation is doggy people. The enemy nation is lions and other cats. And the hero they summon is from earth as we know it. He's a 13 year old guy named Cinque.

Flonyard, the place he ends up, is much lower technology than our earth. But they have magic, and it permits them to do some amazing things. Cinque turns out to have a talent for magic and becomes quite good at it. He's also very athletic because he's been training to compete in something called "Iron Athletics". So it turns out he's also a very good fighter, using a staff (his preferred weapon).

Anyway, if by the end you haven't fallen in love with Ricotta Elmar, then you have no heart.
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Response by poster: Just two more things.

A lot these will be watched while I am home with a new baby, so take that for it's worth.

Cheesy is fine with me, as long as it is SINCERE. Parts of "Beauty & the Beast" were really cheesy, but in the hands of Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman, they were so sincere that the cheese kinda melted into gold, so it's that type of cheese I'm looking for. Cheese you can believe in.

Loving what I've found about the suggestions so far! Thank you!
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Best answer: It's not a television show, but The Beast himself, Ron Perlman, has explored similar material in the Hellboy movies, both of which I have found myself watching many times over.
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Nothing in Pushing Daisies seemed sincere to me. It was irritatingly wink wink from soup to nuts.
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Anime series are perfect for picking up and putting down, as the episodes are usually only about 20 minutes long, so perfect if you have a new baby. I do recommend getting a Netflix streaming subscription if you don't already have it, and viewing them online. I think "Pushing Dasies" episodes are 30 min. each.
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Farscape, Roswell, La Femme Nikita (the USA series) -- this is a rather eclectic group and it pains me to suggest, even by accident, that my beloved Farscape is on par with the other two in terms of sheer genius. But they have all appealed to me because of the 'from two worlds' stuff going on in them, and the strong romantic threads. Hesitantly I also suggest 'The Vampire Diaries' for a Beauty & the Beast feel, if you're willing to push through the painful six episodes that started the series.
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Fourthing the Highlander TV series.
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Best answer: There's a show called Lost Girl on Showcase in Canada that sounds pretty much exactly like what you're looking for. It's about a girl growing up and realizing she's part of the fairy world. It's set in modern day Toronto, and the romance is the b-plot, but still very intriguing. The mixing and clashing of the human and "Faye" worlds is done pretty well. Not the best show ever but totally enjoyable. Also easy to follow plots so it'd probably be pretty good for post-baby watching.
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Best answer: You might like Dead Like Me. While it doesn't have the modern life/medieval ways component, it does deal with a world-within-a-world situation (grim reapers living among the rest of the world in modern-day Seattle and keeping their reaper status quiet as they take jobs as temp workers and meter maids.) Much of it is snarky, but there is no shortage of sweet and sincere moments.

The parts with Rube and his daughter will have you crying like it's the first time you've read Charlotte's Web, just to warn you.
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Nothing quite compares to B&B--the character of Vincent doesn't have too much in common with the "bad boy" monsters typical of more recent shows. Angel, Buffy, The Vampire Diaries, and the like have some of the forbidden romance and magic bits, but they all fall a bit short, partly because of writing & characterization and partly because of the limitations inherent in featuring teenagers. B&B is a sweet and somewhat naive story (except for the WTF ending), so I can see how Pushing Daisies might be a better match for what you're looking for. That show was also cancelled, but I enjoyed it while it lasted. I'll also second the Gargoyles rec. Weird, I know, but that show was awesome. And I'll throw the British version of Being Human into the ring--it's no B&B, but it's a really good show that features angst and romance and awesome British people. Sadly, no poetry.

Side note: George R. R. Martin was a writer on B&B, and you might enjoy reading his Song of Ice & Fire series--Tyrion Lannister, his demented and deformed dwarf, is one of my favorite literary characters of all time. Lots of romance but not much naivete. I wouldn't recommend watching the HBO series while bouncing a baby about, though.
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Response by poster: Will mark more best answers as I watch more suggestions here!
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