Help me find a stock site for images, logos, and icons.
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Where do I get awesome stock icons, logos etc for all things web? (Example: Firefox)

I co-run a website that reports on the Tech world, and web browsers, and marketing etc. We frequently have articles for example about the Firefox browser so I do an image search and I find a bunch of awesome images that I would like to use as my featured image.

Only problem is ... they are not mine! Where can I find a stock site that isn't just photographs, but also includes all of these icons/logos/images that I need? I am willing to pay for this I just can't find it. We also use a Related Posts plugin that uses thumbnail images of the featured image which is why I'm looking for great ones.

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Since the logos of a program will certainly be trademarks, you will probably have to deal with individual cases. Here are Firefox logos, for instance.
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Creative Commons. Here is the result for Firefox.

Assuming you're using WordPress, I add an Attribution field to posts with CC images and throw the link of the image source in there. I then spit the link out at the bottom the post in my template.
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Wish I had a dollar for every time I've had to self-source a company logo...

Many companies have logos available online through their press/PR departments. You might have to dig hard to find them, though. I often find that they aren't exactly easy to find.

Start with a company's site map and see if there aren't links to a "Press Room" or somesuch. This will usually be part of the area where any .eps logo files are kept. Another trick I use in finding corporate logos is to do a site search for .pdf files. These often contain the company logos in high-quality vector form. I open the .pdfs in Illustrator and grab the logo from them.
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Open Icon Library can help with interface icons, the kind of thing you'd actually include in an application to provide functionality. If this is what you're looking for (it's a little unclear from your question) then I suggest downloading the ZIP set. Searching and browsing locally is a lot easier than using the web interface.
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Thanks everyone, I'll include an example so people understand what I mean:

If I am doing a story about Keyword Search I type in images and I see a great weird robot dude holding a magnifying glass. I want that but it's not mine.

If I do a story about Firefox being better than IE and I find an image with the Firefox with IE in its mouth I want that too but it's not mine. I just want a place where stock images, logos, and icons are kept and can be bought. Most of the places I find are for photographs.
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The reason why this is difficult for you to find is because the icons in question, if they represent products, are trademarks. Use of them is legally complicated, to say the least.

If you just want generic icons that represent ideas, the open library may be a good start. Most of them are free for non-commercial use, some are free for any use.
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modoriculousPoster: If I do a story about Firefox being better than IE and I find an image with the Firefox with IE in its mouth I want that too but it's not mine.

And as the very link I just shared with you shows, it isn't yours but you can use it; it is released under a Creative Commons license. Sites like Dreamstime and iStock will be of limited, generic use to you.
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ahhh DarlingBri, my savior, what a great answer ... I started perusing Dreamstime and iStock earlier today and was not excited about them. Thank you kindly for all your wisdom.
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