Book Swap Online!?!?
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What's the best way to set up an online book swap site or app only for the students in my academic department?

And maybe including people we know from other academic depts. at our uni too...

Main thing is that it's only open to people we know ( about 100 phd students in our dept. , all with excess books)

Would be great to find an user friendly site or app ( on Facebook maybe?) to help us with this. ( sure we could just set up a google doc but we tried something like that before and no one paid much attention - too unwieldy and awkward)

Something which would let us scan in the books' details from barcodes would be amazing !!!

Thanks for any tips!
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You should check out Librarything - it works with barcode scanners, and you can create private, invite-only groups.
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Thanks polymath. I will check it out

I should also say that support for posting books for sale is as big for us as plain old book barter support
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