Can I go to the US without my US passport? Or...
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Emergency! I'm a Dual UK/USA citizen with valid USA and UK passports. My flight leaves London (where I am now) tomorrow at 2 p.m. I have my UK passport on me, in London, but my USA passport is currently in Manchester. It's 9:44 p.m. in London. This page says it's against federal law for a US citizen (even a dual citizen) to enter the USA on anything other than a USA passport. So, what are my options? I've JUST applied for an ESTA visa, it's supposed to be instant...
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Can you drive to Manchester to get your passport? You can easily get back to London in time to get some sleep tonight and make your flight tomorrow. Rent a car if you have to.
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Its inconvenient and expensive but you could get to Manchester and back easily before your flight.
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Considering I don't know how to drive, what about a courier?
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I'm a US-Canadian dual. I entered the US with my Canadian passport for at least two years after my US passport expired. My Canadian passport lists "Hammond, USA" as my birthplace and I was only once asked, specifically, why I was not using my US passport, to which I replied that it had expired and I hadn't got around to renewing it. I was never once held up or denied entry.

YMMV obviously but I don't think this is that huge of an issue. If you're naturalized US then there is no hint on your UK passport that you're a US citizen and no reason for anybody to suspect anything. If you're born in the US and it says as such on your UK passport, maybe just tell them what I told them and hope for the best. The worst thing that can happen is that you'll be denied entry- it's not like they're going to arrest you.
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You're too late for the last train; there's a Megabus leaving at 11pm (takes 4hrs) or a National Express overnight coach service (6hrs) at 11.30pm, and the first trains leave Manchester for London (2hrs 10m) at about 6am.
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FedEx next flight courier may get it to you on time; potentially at considerable expense, but if someone can get it to a FedEx office that's still open, they might be able to get it to you early in the morning.
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Try calling the emergency contact at the US Consulate in London. They will be able to give you the best advice.
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Okay, I'm calling the consulate...
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Er, looks like FedEx doesn't do domestic services in the UK.
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I have dual citizenship too, and they wouldn't let me intothe US without my US passport or a return flight back to the UK. I forget why I had my UK passport instead, but I had to dig through my bag for my US one to be let through.
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Do you have a flight back out of the US? If you don't your airline will not let you board in London without a visa or greencard. ESTA is not a visa.

If you do, and are flying back out of the US within 90 days then, assuming you have your ESTA approval by now, enter on your UK passport under the Visa Waiver Program.
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Check with DHL (contact info here), they appear to have next-flight courier service available in the UK.
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@photo guy Thanks for the link. £400 via DHL

@IanMorr, We're taking the train to Canada. By that point I'll have my USA passport with me. So you think that Virgin will stop me boarding the flight at Heathrow?

The lady on the emergency number, the duty officer, said that she thought they'd let me into the country, but they'd hassle me a lot.
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I have lost my passport twice when traveling abroad. Both times I got back into the states with minimal problems. They told me to fill out a lost passport form later on and send it in.

I hope your experience is as easy.
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So you think that Virgin will stop me boarding the flight at Heathrow?

I think the airline will want your paperwork to be in order to enter the US as a UK citizen, so the ESTA paper (which IanMorr is right, isn't a visa, but you do need it) and then you fill in the Visa Waiver Program form (I think it's the I-94, presumably you've seen them come round with this on previous flights to the US). Airlines tend to be oblivious to dual citizenship concerns, so at the airport they'll assume you're a UK citizen. (Usually, when airlines get baffled by a dual citizen, you pull out the other passport and everything's magically okay.)

One potential problem I can see is that the US demands citizenship information in advance (why you give your passport number when you book), so you'll be in the computer as a US citizen, but have turned up with a British passport. I'm not sure if this is ever checked at the airline level, or even at the US border (that the people on the plane turned up with the passports they used to book), but that's where I see things potentially going wrong.
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Can someone fax you a copy of the main page of your US passport before your flight? That way the immigration officials can easily look you up, verify that it is valid, etc..
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omnigut writes "Thanks for the link. £400 via DHL"

I'd check with a livery service to see what they'd charge for a round trip. Might be significantly less and because it is door-to-door(-to-door) service you could get them to drop you off at the airport.
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I'm a USA/CAN dual passport holder, and have entered the US about a dozen times via car, and plane on my Canadian passport. Never even been asked about dual citizenship. They scan my Canadian passport every time at these checks, and never ask about my US citizenship.

Most of my family is US/CAN dual passport holders, and your link is the first I've ever heard about this.

I can understand your stress, but in this case, I'm not sure I'd worry about it.
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Call airline, explain situation, ask to reschedule your travel for tomorrow or the day after. Then get your passport from Manchester.
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Those of you saying you had no problems with CAN/US dual citizenship - I don't think that's relevant. Keep in mind we (Canadians) can enter the US with just our passports, but any other country's citizens need at least the basic tourist visa. I've crossed several times from Vancouver to Seattle with two British friends of mine, and it's always more hassle for them.
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but any other country's citizens need at least the basic tourist visa

I don't have any answers for the OP, but this isn't true. Visa Waiver Program.
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Google couriers: this is the first result - significantly less than 400 pounds.
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Keep in mind we (Canadians) can enter the US with just our passports, but any other country's citizens need at least the basic tourist visa.

This is incorrect. UK citizens do not need a visa to enter the US (but they do need the ESTA). See Jimbob's answer above.

According to the DHS, you should apply for the ESTA 72 hours in advance - I wouldn't trust it being instant.

For that reason and also for the possible risk, this is another vote for couriering your US passport or rescheduling the flight or booking another one - it's worse to be turned back entering by air (you'd have to fly back to the UK) than entering by land. You might as well enter the country on your US passport.
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The USA wouldn't let me get the ESTA because I'm American, and Virgin won't let me on the plane without one. All the immediate delivery options are upwards of £300, and it'll cost about £20 to get next-day (9 a.m.) delivery. So I'm getting the post office to send it and get on the flight tomorrow.

Thanks for the help everyone!
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Okay I've got a question - I'm traveling to the US, I applied for an say Virgin wouldn't let you on the flight "without one" - but I didn't "get" anything....! Do I have to print out the ESTA receipt or something?
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Jimbob: Your ESTA status is communicated to the airline. Doesn't hurt to print a copy of the application status screen though so that you have your authorization application number just in case.
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When you applied for the ESTA how did they know that you are american?
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