Anniversary Ideas (with a baby)
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Seventh wedding anniversary is quickly coming up and it's just going to be the two of us and a 6 week old. How do I make the day special?

Of course spending time with a baby is special. Let's make it extra special.

Some more information that might be helpful. We're in Toronto, not afraid to take the baby out with us though late night fine dining is probably out. Our Anniversary is on the Sunday and Grandma's picking up our older daughter lunchtime Saturday and she's coming home sometime Sunday.
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Don't underestimate fine dining with an infant. Our daughter was five months old on our anniversary, and we went to an early dinner at a fancy restaurant, where she was fawned over, and then promptly passed out in her car seat. So, if baby will sleep easily in car seat or in a sling, go for it - I would just say do it early or late (or at whatever time you think she'll sleep). Be willing to leave if necessary. If that thought stresses you out, don't do it.

What about a dinner picnic somewhere special?

Or, go out for a fancy lunch.

Or, start a new tradition - maybe go to the zoo?

Or, if you have a guest bedroom, stay in there that night and pretend it's a hotel. Order food in, eat it in bed with wine and dessert and nakedness.

Have a masseuse come to the house. Or buy a book and practice on each other.
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One woman gave her spouse a giant metal chicken as an anniversary gift. I did the same, on a smaller scale for my spouse and it was the best thing ever. Food for thought if you ya'll share this type of humor.
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Just popping in to say thank you for asking this question, as I anticipate having an 8-week old at my 8th anniversary in a few months.
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We went out for a fancy lunch with a pretty young baby and it was fine. Everyone made a big fuss, we had great food, and it was nice. If you're nursing, consider a bottle with breast milk, so that you don't have to strip down at the table. 1 time shouldn't induce nipple confusion.
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While you can take a young baby to a fine restaurant and it is your human and Canadian right to breastfeed anywhere, anytime, I have yet another suggestion. Arrange for takeout from a favourite fancy restaurant. Or, if you can afford it, splurge on a personal chef to come to your home.

You can take as long to eat as you want. You can easily attend to anything you need to. If you find, on that night, that you just aren't up to going out, it's okay, because you are already there.

To this day, I cherish the fancy takeout meals I had when my babes were small.
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For our anniversaries we have been making spaghetti together after the baby is asleep. We are not adventuresome enough to attempt eating a fancy meal at a fancy restaurant with a baby.
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We went out a lot with very young babies, who mostly slept through everything. It will never be easier to go out to dinner until they're nearly adults. It will be MUCH HARDER very soon enough, so take advantage of the portability of a newborn now, while you can. Soon comes a time when they're not quite old enough to sit up in a high chair and eat Cheerios as fast as you can provide them, but definitely old enough to tell you how much they hate not sitting up in a high chair and eating Cheerios.

We did tend to schedule our dinners a little early--that way you can have more flexibility with where you're seated--corners are nice for discreet nursing, especially if the mother is a first-timer and hasn't quite hit her groove, and the crowds will just be rolling in as you're rolling out. I recall bringing our first to someone's going-away dinner when she was a few weeks old and she spent most of the time at my feet, snoozing in the carseat, while teppanyaki chefs clashed and bashed away above her.

We even went to a movie once with our second when she was maybe a month old, but it was a small arthouse theater without huge Dolby Lucasfilm Sound stuff, so I didn't have to worry about her ears being damaged. We sat, she ate, she fell asleep, we watched the whole movie, she woke up and ate again, we went home. It was great.
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Thank's for the suggestions there are some great ideas here.

The aversion to fine dining had nothing to do with breast feeding in public and everything to do with our own exhaustion. At just over a month her schedule is so erratic that dealing with reservations and fixed schedules can be a challenge.

Nice takeout Saturday and a picnic Sunday is the plan.
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