What do you know about Kilmarnock VA?
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In celebration of our 20th anniversary on Friday, Mrs COD and myself will be leaving the teenagers at home while we spend the weekend at a B&B in Kilmarnock VA. We plan to take the ferry over to Tangier Island on Saturday. Is anybody familiar enough with Kilmarnock to recommend restaurants for dinner, or which of the options on Tangier will deliver the best lunch? I know it's not a big town, that was the point. This is a quiet getaway and eat good seafood kind of weekend. Neither of us are up for the summer crowds of VA Beach or DC. Thanks!
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I was at a wedding at the Indian Creek Yacht & Country Club some 8 years ago (or so). The catering was done in-house, and was very good food..
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Best answer: It has been a couple years but, http://www.rosessteakhouse.com is a good place to have a decent dinner. Honestly though, Kilmarnock isn't big, wander around a bit and see what grabs you.

Chesapeake house on Tangier is where everyone says to go, I'm allergic to shellfish so I cannot personally vouch for them.

Happy Anniversary! I live about halfway between you and Kilmarnock, if the weather holds to the forecast this will be a great weekend to be on the Chesapeake Bay.
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You will love "the rivah".
It is several hours to drive to either Va Beach or DC from Kilmarnock and there is lots to see in the northern neck area. Good plan to stay close.
A few years ago, I went to the Tides Inn in nearby Irvington for a rehearsal dinner (food done in house) and it was delicious. Beautiful location.
I second wander around and see what you find.
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...will be leaving the teenagers at home...

Happy Anniversary, but the part of your question that jumped out is the part of the sentence quoted. Party at COD's house! The Boilermakers will be flowing. (pun intended). Good luck with the teenagers at home for the weekend thing.
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Great choice going to Tangier Island! I'd recommend Hilda Crockett's Chesepeake House, as Suzy suggested. The meals are family style, you just sit down with the other visitors and they bring out a full course meal, usually with crabcakes. It's a bed and breakfast too, might be a good idea for next year.
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My parents live in Kilmarnock (I'm actually traveling there tomorrow). Chesapeake House on the island is the way to go, but definitely check out the Tides Inn as well.

Kilmarnock has some great antique stores, if you are into that.

You have made a great choice. Happy anniversary!
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Best answer: I'm in Kilmarnock today, and I am hearing that the new Good Luck Winery on Good Luck Road is a nice place to visit.

Have a great trip!
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Response by poster: Thanks all. We had a wonderful time, We had dinner at Roses's the first night and at the B&B (Kilmarnock Inn) the 2nd night. We met the Good Luck folks at a wine tasting held at the Kilmarnock Inn. We skipped Chesapeake House only because neither of us wanted that big of a lunch, and instead opted for crabcake sandwiches and fries at the Waterfront Restaurant.
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