Losing our princess and need fun to get happy
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travel filter...need advice for fun over nighter

Have to take daughter to Northern Virginia, close to DC, to get her ready for college, and we will be there for a few days...looking for fun stop on way back to Connecticut--Delaware, or Maryland. A place where we can spend an evening, enjoy fun things, decent food, explore the offbeat...anything to take our mind off the fact that our little girl has grown up.
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There are actually some beaches in Delaware with boardwalks, the traditional kind of boardwalk where they sell hotdogs and cotton candy and other shit like that. That's what I'd do - beach it up, then if you get bored or want a change of scenery, explore the boardwalks.
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Depending on exactly where you go, there might even be rides!
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DE/MD beaches are about a 2 hr detour, but worth a trip... might want to consider Baltimore, good night life... it's on your way, and you can get a nice hotel room, enjoy some of the restaurant/bars in the city, maybe catch an o's game (team stinks, but great stadium)
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if you want something beachy, you can look at some of the small towns along the chesapeake bay, about 45 min - 1hr from dc, they have some good B&B's...

Also, perhaps consider driving to Lewes, DE, taking the ferry to Cape May, NJ... scenic, beachy, and you can probably find a B&B to stay at in either Lewes or Cape May...
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Personally, I'd want to go to the Dogfish Head brewpub in Rehoboth Beach. But seconding Baltimore as being good for nightlife and the offbeat.
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mmmm Dogfish Head. Try the 90 minute IPA!
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