How can I watch a MLB game for free?
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Is there a way I can watch a full Dodgers game online for free?

I recently visited my brother LA, where we had the luck of scoring some spectacular Dodgers tickets from a family friend. The seats were right behind home plate, making it so that every time a pitch was thrown, we were on TV.

Our friends got to see us, but is there a way we could watch the game online without purchasing a full package?
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Best answer: MLB is very strict about its material. They have free trials every now and then, but to get a specific game now you're looking at $20 for the month (and no refunds for partial months, so be sure to cancel!).

There are some reasonable quality highlights available for each game, though. Not 720p, but pretty good. See (just plug your date in YYYYMMDD) and click the "Highlights" link at the end of the line your game is on. Short clips, but I think that's the best you're going to do without going over to the wrong side of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.
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If the game was streamed on the replay will be available on the website. That only requires that your ISP be an ESPN3 partner. ESPN3 is also available on Xbox live.
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