WTF, gizzards?
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WTF, gizzards? Why have you turned that color? (And, of course: can I eat you?)

I'm making a pasta sauce with chicken gizzards. First time I've cooked with them, other than chucking them in gravy.

After about an hour of simmering them in stock and wine, I went to chop them up and found that they were a sort of green-grey color inside. The exteriors were the color of cooked dark meat chicken; but the interiors looked like a putty eraser.

Is this normal? Is this okay? Can I eat these? My understanding is that these are muscles and not organ tissue — so shouldn't they look a little more like meat?

And if I were an elegant chef who wanted to make my gizzards look classy and appetizing, would I have needed to do something different?

(The gizzards came from the supermarket, so they were thoroughly cleaned and trimmed, and they were well before their sell-by date. They looked perfectly normal and gizzard-y in the package. They smelled fine; they still smell fine; they even taste fine; I'm just alarmed by the color. Reassure me that I have not committed some dreadful gizzard faux pas.)
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Best answer: No, that's what cooked gizzards look like. Tell me if they're any less chewy after an hour of simmering.
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Response by poster: (They're sort of canned-clam-textured, if that makes any sense. Like the pleasantly rubbery little clam bits that you find in a bowl of linguine at a cheap Italian restaurant.)
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Best answer: Yeah, I've seen that too. Wouldn't worry about that. Camoflage them with pasta sauce as planned & know one will ever suspect how utterly. Unpalatable they look.
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Response by poster: Sounds like a plan. Thanks, y'all.
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