Need the name of a dark, gritty comic series
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I'm looking for a comic book series/graphic novel of a very dark world where the villains have taken over and the heroes (who were clearly analogs of very well known Marvel and DC characters with relatively minor shifts in their names/powers/costumes/etc. ) were being hunted down.

I read some of this comic at a friend of a friend's house and was immediately hooked, and now I can't for the life of me remember the name of the series or who worked on it.

The world was an absolute hellhole with the last remaining heroes being mercilessly slaughtered by the bad guys. I remember there was an obvious Wonder Woman, a Captain America clone (with two laser swords instead of a shield, a lobotomized Thor (who was actually called Thor) that talked like the Hulk, a cowboy-style Ghost Rider who was insubstantial when he wanted to be.

I can try and remember some more details if that's not enough to jar someone's memory. I saw this thing months ago and it finally popped up in my head for some reason, and now it's driving me nuts.
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You may be thinking either of Mark Millar's Wanted or Mark Waid's Empire, I think. If not those may be alternatives you'd also enjoy, as well as Planetary, which has some great parallel storylines as well.
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Best answer: The End League?
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I'm changing my vote to The End League. That must be it.
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Response by poster: That's it! Thank you so much Saxon Kane.
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