Where to dash off to in early September?
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Surprise time off around Labor Day. Where to go?

We have some unexpected time off (preschool starting later than we thought). What can we do? (9/1-9/8 more or less -- but would want to do 4-5 day trip and would try to maximize on weekends and Labor Day.)

- Goal is to relax -- swim, read, hang out
- I need decent Internet or at least a good American cellular signal (teaching online class)
- Cheap! (Maybe would like to spend $1000 total for all 3 of us?)
- We have a toddler
- We'd be flying out of Washington, DC
- We have valid passports
- We're not fans of cruises

Hope us! (TravelZoo is okay -- but there is a lot to filter through.)
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Over Memorial Day, we drove up to Cooperstown, NY. We stayed at a B&B right off Main St., went to the Baseball Hall of Fame, the Farmer's Museum (which is incredible), went out on a boat on Ostego Lake, and had a number of really great meals. It was definitely under a $1k trip, including the car rental, and was an amazing, amazing time.
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My old coworker took a trip to the Carolina coast area that seemed to involve a lot of beach time and chilling with books, and was apparently pretty cheap because she went to a smaller town or something. It sounded nice. I don't know a lot of details, but that's something you could look at.
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This is what the Delaware beaches are perfect for. Labor day weekend will be crowded (though less bad than most other east coast beaches), but it's nearby and busy-ness drops off quickly after labor day.
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