Automatically reconnect VPN after disconnect on a Mac?
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How can I get my Mac to automatically reconnect to a VPN if the connection drops?

I've got a Mac that I want to be constantly connected to a VPN, and I've got a VPN account through StrongVPN. The VPN service works great, but every few hours it disconnects. I can just connect it again, but I need the computer to stay connected to the VPN without any oversight. Ideally, I would like my Mac to simply reconnect automatically when the connection is terminated.

I've tried a few things so far. I've installed a VPN client called Shimo, which actually did seem to extend the length of time it stays connected (possibly something having to do with sending "keep-alive packets" or something like that) but doesn't have any options for automatically reconnecting a dropped connection. I also tried an app called PearPortVPN which seemed promising but didn't seem to have what I'm looking for. I also tried the AppleScripts listed here.

I have tried connecting over PPTP and L2TP, both with the same results. (I will admit, though, to knowing little about the difference.)

I'm at my wit's end. I'm willing to buy software, or possibly change VPN service. I just want this VPN to stay on without me having to manually hit reconnect every 4-12 hours. Anyone have any ideas?

If it matters, the machine is a Mac Mini running Lion, but this behavior was the same under Snow Leopard.
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Does this work? If it does, I could probably whip something up for you that will make sure you stay connected.
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@47triple2 - I will try that as soon as I get home. Thanks for offering to help.
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Thought its a different provider the CloakBox from WiTopia
Its a hardware solution.
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Update! I was able to get the AppleScript option I mentioned in the post to work. It was a matter of uninstalling all third party vpn software, and making sure the name of the vpn service in the script exactly matched the one in System Preferences. Thanks all!
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