Differences in mattress foam thickness?
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What's the difference between 2" versus 4" egg crate mattress foam? Is the larger one worth the extra cost?

I'm pretty certain I'm going to buy some egg crate foam for my mattress. I've only ever heard good things about it, and our unbelievably expensive mattress is only 5 years old and is rapidly loosing it's ability to be comfy all night (despite regular 6-month rotations).

What I'm finding online seems to come in a variety of thicknesses. Is there any advantage to spending the extra money for the thicker foam?
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Thick toppers give me the feeling that I'm getting swallowed up by my mattress, which I find uncomfortable. This is subjective, of course, but I think I would find 4" foam to be too thick. You should go to a department store (where they have the funny little half beds) and try out a variety of toppers before committing yourself to one you might hate.
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Is the difference in the height of the bumps, or the thickness of the bit under the bumps?

I've got a 4" flat memory foam topper. It is amazing. Loud as hell if I move even slightly (it rubs against the mattress), but incredibly comfortable.
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I've used many different types of mattress toppers over the years (which tells you right there that none of them last very well). The bumpy foam is very comfy, but it tends to rip at the points where it gets the most pressure (hip and shoulder). The 4" foam lasts a little longer before ripping, but not that much. I've had the best luck using layers: 1" or 2" plain foam under a 2" bumpy foam. This combination feels just as good and lasts a lot longer than the 2" foam alone, and it's cheaper to replace one layer at a time. Sweet dreams.
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Is the difference in the height of the bumps, or the thickness of the bit under the bumps?

I'm all for bigger, firmer bumps. When I got out of the hospital, I wanted to marry my egg crate.

But my body and my needs may be different.
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