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PC gamers of Mefi, how do you find new indie titles online? Right now I'm only aware of JayIsGames.
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Are you looking for online only, or also offline? I've purchased every Humble Bundle so far and have been really happy with most of the games that came with it. I found out about each of them (well, at least two of them) from waxpancakes's site

Keep on keepin' on, Andy. You led me to MetaFilter.
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I don't know if you're talking about forserious buy 'em and play 'em games or little free flash games. I play a lot of little free flash games...I recently started following He's got a lot of his own and posts links to new ones every day.
posted by phunniemee at 7:15 AM on August 13, 2011 and to some extent I also like Eurogamer's style of writing and focus, and they cover indie stuff from time to time.
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rock paper shotgun!
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RockPaperShotgun has pretty good indie PC game coverage, as well as being one of the best PC games blogs on the planet.
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Play This Thing is pretty good, too, especially when it's Greg Costikyan doing the reviewing.
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I may be missing something or being stupid obvious but since you don't specify only discovery/review sites, as far as free-to-play online kongregate ends up hosting a pretty good percentage of what's out there. I find it worth a sign-up and there are a lot of ways to search around the games if you dig around (for example, if you sort "Achievements" by "Most Awarded First" you will get a selection of the stuff that EVERYBODY played (not everything gets set up with achievements though). A lot of it is cookie-cutterish "toss this thing" or "stationary object defense" games but there is a fair section of interesting games.
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ditto This Thing
adding TIGSource
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For Flash games, the Newgrounds front page has good original games that oftentimes end up on Mefi.
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(That would be, in the "Featured Games" section. They've also got an RSS feed.)
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Indie Games on Steam
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