Let's relax and play a game.
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I would like to find some PC, GB, GBA, or PSP games that are very calming.

I've grown tired of playing video games that make me twitchy and tense, or games where I play for some sense of power. I'm currently searching for games that have an incredible calming, flow-like play to them. Games that I would fit into this category are games like Osmos, Zen Bound, and Lumines, games that bring stress down and drop me into a sort of non-addicting flow of play.

What games do you recommend?
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Minecraft is really addicting and pretty sense-of-power-ish, so to speak, but when I need calming, I just hit a random seed in singleplayer and do nothing but just walk around and explore, it feels wonderful.
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Animal crossing
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Minecraft on peaceful mode.

And, maybe they're too old, but Myst/Riven/etc are incredibly beautiful, no dying, no time pressure, and nice music.
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Osmos. Definitely Osmos.
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*for some reason my copying and pasting of the url in the link didn't work. Once at the linked to website, just click on the "Osmos" tab.
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Also here to recommend Minecraft on peaceful mode, endless fun and exploration. The Harvest Moon series would fit the bill, as well as Flow, which actually is specifically asked for in your question.
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I find World of Goo to be relaxing, though YMMV.
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I play Chime and Osmos, and recently Limbo for a relaxing game experience like what you are talking about. Audiosurf may work for you too.
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Minecraft. I found it calming even on Hard mode, with monsters: once you've built yourself a safe area it's relaxing to potter about knowing the rain and undead are safely kept away.

I have friends who love Osmos and play it in the evening to relax before bed, but I found it frustrating.
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Audiosurf. Bonus, you get to pick your most chilled-out music to play it with, if you want. Of course it lets you use hardcore death metal too... your choice determines how the game plays :)
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Katamari Damacy. It can be a bit frantic if you're in a mode with a time limit but there's something zen about it. You don't solve problems, you outgrow them.

Take all your troubles, roll them up in a big ball and fling them into space.
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Oh man, how could I forget Audiosurf? Seconding Audiosurf. Once you get into the rhythm, it becomes electronic meditation.
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Harvest Moon might be good for you, as might Professor Layton and other puzzle games.
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Flower is just what you're looking for, although I don't know what your abbreviations stand for so I'm not sure if you can play it.
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If you consider it a game, Electroplankton.
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Oops, that's a DS game. Okay, then, take a look at the GBA Bit Generations series.
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You may be interested in The Endless Forest.

"The Endless Forest is a multiplayer online game for Windows in which the player is a deer in a peaceful forest without goals or the ability to chat. Unique pictograms above registered deer's heads represent their names. Players communicate with one another through sounds and body language. During ABIOGENESIS, every deer runs around, rubs against trees, or sits next to sleeping deer to cast Forest Magic on one another or party under a night sky filled with floral fireworks in a spectacle, created in realtime, by authors whenever the mood hits them. The Endless Forest can be run as a screensaver or an application."
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DS game Soul Bubbles is very serene.
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I prefer relaxing games too. I second justsomebodythatyouusedtoknow's suggestion of Katamari Damacy (though I found the PSP one, Me & My Katamari, frustratingly difficult to control.) I'm partial to Sushi Cat. Like Boomshine, it's the sort of thing where you make one choice to click, and then watch the results.
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