Last minutes Alcatraz tickets?
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Last minutes Alcatraz tickets?

Are there any reliable sources for last minute Alcatraz tickets? I haven't done summer touristy stuff in the Bay area before and had no idea that they sold out weeks in advance. The folks who are visiting will be here between tomorrow and Thursday the 17th but the official web site is sold out until the 22nd and I can't figure out if there are any resellers that are legit or at least semi-legit. Any options?
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If you buy a San Francisco CityPass through Alcatraz Cruises, it includes an Alcatraz Tour - I did that several years ago and was on a tour the next day. It may or may not be worth it if your guests are planning on visiting other attractions and taking public transit.
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I seem to recall that they hold back a certain number of cruise tickets for walk ups. So you might try that if nothing else works.

My honey and I got the CityPass and it was really handy--took the cruise, went to a couple of museums (you're going to the Academy of Sciences, right?), rode a cable car, and it saved us a fair amount of money.
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When I visited Alcatraz last month, the big sign out the front said no tickets available for more than a week. I guess they don't keep many, if any, for walk ups, but a local would know better...
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FYI - for future searchers - I ended up sitting on the Alcatraz site and hitting refresh every couple minutes until tickets showed up that fit the timeframe my friends will be in town and managed to snag them. The earliest that ever showed up were 5 days out but since they'll be in town until Thursday (which is the 18th I now realize) I was able to get them some. No idea if the 5 day out thing is a limitation on the website or just a coincidence. Also, although the site basically says you can't buy online for other people (the site says that one person's ID has to match the name of the buyer - I assume to prevent scalpers) the customer service rep I talked to said if I could get tickets online, I could call in and they'd change the name.

Thanks for the suggestions all - I'm looking at the City Pass but we're really only going to spend a day or so in SF proper before heading down to Monterey for the majority of the time so I'm not sure it's cost effective.
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Send a memail to primalux, who works there as a guide. She's not very active lately, but is the go-to alcatraz mefite.
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