DotNetNuke + XP + IE8 = ARRRGH!
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After a month in the field, this DotNetNuke site is throwing up Tab Recovery Errors in IE8 for users using Windows XP. While the most efficient answer may be "don't use XP" it is unfortunately not the best answer. Anyone have an idea? More details inside...

I am posting this for a friend who has had absolutely no luck in the usual spots for this. I'm hoping the superior average intelligence of MeFites will lead to an answer! Here's the details.

Launched the DotNetNuke site on June 3. Prior to that it was tested in all browsers for compatibility, and despite a few differences (of course) the site worked well. On July 5, for no apparent reason, we began getting a Tab Recovery Error in IE8. The error log lists the error with an ID 1048, and the other piece we narrowed down is the error happens with the mshtml.dll. Here are the other quirky things about this error:

1. Happens randomly by page, and on most but not all Windows XP computers with IE8.
2. It doesn't happen with IE7 but not many people are still using IE7 anyway. I have not tested it with IE9.
3. However, the company who setup our document management system is now saying their product is having the same issue but with IE9. So far, their "fix" is to tell clients not to upgrade to 9.
4. The error happens when editing OR viewing the site, and it's happening on both our development and live server.
5. DNN says it is not their product, but IE.
6. We've considered all the security and Windows updates to no avail.
7. All the online documentation talks about client side fixes like clearing the IE cache, resetting or reinstalling it, removing or disabling add-ons. We did that and it still happens. Plus, we can't ask all our viewers to do this.
8. I get the error at home on an XP/IE8 machine but I can have three tabs open and I only get it with our site. I also have a Windows 7/IE8 system and I don't get it.

I've troubleshooted this problem since July 5 and that's as far as I've gotten. I'm really frustrated and I know you may or you know a lot of people in the field who may have other suggestions, or have run into similar problems with IE.
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What is the url where this error occurs? If I can reproduce it, I may be able to help.
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Have you tried viewing the site in "comparability mode"? Ran into a similar issue with a site that was coded for IE6 but being viewing on IE8.
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You can put a header on your pages that tells IE to use compability mode or native mode. I'd play with that. If the code is modern you should be telling it to use IE8 native mode, if its not it should be using quirks mode. Does your site host any flash or any other plug-in based item? Its typically difficult to crash IE8+ with just HTML/JS. Does the document management system use some kind of plugin? It could be them, but they don't realize it. Do you have revision control? What was changed on the 5th? If you restore from that date does it still happen?
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Answers: the error still happens in compatibility mode. They have gone back to July 5 and cannot find anything that has caused this (although they have not done a restore from that date). They aren't using Flash; the only plug-in is Share This. The jQuery slide shows do not play well with compatibility mode, which is why they are not using it.
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