Fluffy Bunnies in SPAAAAAAAACE!
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Help me remember this SF book I read as a kid.

Help me remember this SF book I read as a kid. I recall only a couple details. The characters were all aliens/mutants that looked like cuddly bunnies or other anthropomorphic animals. They were on a generation ship and I think the book might have followed several generations of characters, from when they decided to flee their homeworld through... ? I also dimly recall being shocked by a sex scene as a kid, but I imagine it was pretty tame by adult standards. I thought it was by a fairly big-name author, but can't come up with who it was now. Any ideas?
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The only thing close to that I can think of is "Encounter with Tiber" which had the sort of creatures you're describing. It was co-authored by Buzz Aldrin.
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The book is Quozl, by Alan Dean Foster. Actually a pretty good read, plus it had a tiny flip-motion comic on one of the book's corners.
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Hey, I think that's it! The cover looks familiar. I'll have to snag a copy and confirm. Thank you, faceless crowd!
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I'm always impressed when Metafilter gets these things right so quickly. If only AskMe was around when I was constantly walking into libraries asking them about a half read book with dolphins in space whose title I could not remember.

Spoiler Alert: It was Startide Rising and it was TERRIBLE.
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I liked Startide Rising and the rest of that series. . then again I did read them all when I was in my early teens.
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I recently re-read Startide Rising, and while the prose is pretty mediocre (people seem to "grin" a lot), I still enjoyed it. Some neat concepts in that book, I thought.
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