Do you know a good doc in Boulder, Colorado?
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Looking for a good primary care doc in Boulder, Colorado. Any recommendations?

Having recently moved, I'm looking for a primary care doctor in Boulder. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with the process--it seems like every medical office I see around my house is promoting their doc's special blend of natural / holistic and western medicine. That is definitely not the sort of doc I think I'm looking for.

My dream doctor would be really into evidence-based medicine, have an appreciation for things like national guidelines (for instance, won't be likely to prescribe antibiotics in the first week of a sinus infection no matter how much patients want it), and generally take a conservative approach to practicing medicine. He or she would not be the sort to sell fancy nutritional supplements or vitamins in their office. Bonus points for being able to get short-term appointments for urgent issues (e.g., UTIs) and for having electronic medical records. While I say "dream doctor," in reality I'd be more than happy with an NP or PA or DO that meets the above criteria.

Do you or did you have a doc in Boulder that you loved? Tell me more!
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Check your memail.
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