a crash course in natural gas
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What are the best resources (books, journals, blogs, etc) for becoming highly knowledgeable about the natural gas industry?

I need to learn a lot about the natural gas industry as quickly as possible. Help me throw together a crash course!

I am looking for a good introduction to the industry as a whole as well as more detailed information on these specific aspects:

- recent and predicted market trends

- corporate strategy of major players

- economics of natural gas production and distribution

Assume I am numerate, scientifically literate, and capable of tracking down most books and journal articles.

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The industry trade journal is the Oil & Gas Journal (OGJ). It's subscription only. They have a good Research Section on natural Gas (again, mostly for pay). For finanlicals they've got a new magazine, the Oil & Gas Financial Journal. This is a great source for industry chatter, who's doing what and so on.

For a market overview, there's the IEA, in particular their World Energy Outlook.

For US data in particlar, there's the US Energy Information Administration.
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Check out the Twitter feed of a friends of mine at http://twitter.com/#!/yagelski. He works in the energy / natural gas industry and links to industry news just about every day.
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There's a lot of good information at The Oil Drum, and lots of knowledgeable industry people who will happily answer your questions.
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