Get the pickle smell out!
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What is the quickest way to get the smell of pickles out of a pickle jar?

I've washed the pickle jar with dish soap and hot water numerous times, and it still smells of pickles. The jar is great for ice tea, but my tea smells like pickles!
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Best answer: Boil it! (or run it through the dishwasher if you have one.)
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Best answer: Baking soda.
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Might it be the lid? I used a glass pickle jar to infuse some whiskey. The glass cleaned up fine with soap, hot water, and a good scrub. But the lid stunk no matter what I did.
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Glass doesn't absorb odors; soap and water is plenty. Replace the lid, that's where the smell comes from.
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Sometimes pouring white vinegar into the lid - at least enough to fully cover the bottom - and letting it sit for a few hours gets the smell out (sometimes not, but with spaghetti sauce jar lids, it works for me more often than it doesn't).
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I've put a mixture of bleach and water into my olive jars and that works out fairly well. Make sure you wash the lid off separately.
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Huh. I just dealt with the very same pungent dilemma.

The regular circuit of soap and water didn't take away a stubborn pickle smell from an old mason jar that had just held a delicious batch of kosher specials.

I ended up squirting a couple of cc's worth of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day hand soap into the the jar with some water, and let it sit overnight next to the sink.

Needless to say, after a rinse the next day, the pesky pickle bouquet had disappeared! I imagine that any strong soap should produce the same results. Good luck!
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The poor dessicated black truffle in arborio rice from this recent previous question of mine was, in fact, stored for a year in an reused pickle jar - including the lid. The smell does come out. Wash it well and you will be OK.
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I've had some success with vanilla essence (diluted) to get smells out of containers.
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Best answer: The sun works miracles. Water and bleach, then a good rinse, then set the jar and lid out in the sun for a day. The sun is our friend.
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Best answer: Agreed that it's probably the lid causing the pickle stink to stay around. Like Bricoleur I use baking soda-- put a tablespoon in the jar, screw on the lid, and let it stand for a day or so.
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Used coffee grounds also work surprisingly well.
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