Getting to the Shawangunks from The Poughkeepsie Metro-North Station
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I'm planning a day trip to the Shawangunks tomorrow. Can anyone recommend a car service in Poughkeepsie, NY? The goal is to get from the Poughkeepsie Metro-North station to New Paltz and Minnewaska State Park. What sorts of fares are reasonable for these trips? Can I catch a cab at the park itself? Is there a bus connection between the park and New Paltz? In closing: Is there anything else I should know? Many thanks in advance.
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Take a bus. That is a really long cab ride. Sorry, don't know the bus line or route. Google?
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Response by poster: I have actually changed plans. I will be taking a bus directly to New Paltz instead. Seems simpler.
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For future reference, taxis hang out at the Poughkeepsie station (they know when the trains come in). No idea about fares, I suspect it would be fairly open to negotiation.
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You're better off taking a bus direct to New Paltz. It's only $41 round trip, and the ride takes only about 90 minutes each way.

According to this site, you'll still need to take a cab to get there, but the cab from within New Paltz will probably be much cheaper than if you take a cab from Poughkeepsie.

(I've also taken Adirondack Trailways bus a lot -- I have friends with a house way up in the Catskills -- and it's generally reliable.)
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys!
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