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What do you listen to when you work out? I have been jogging a lot, and I am pretty tired of my music.

I use playlists on my Ipod, and I don't listen to the same one every day, but my general taste lies in more down tempo music, so I have run out of good songs pretty quickly.

A sample playlist for me is:
Iggy Pop - Lust for Life
M.I.A. - Bucky Done Gone
Rise Against - Give it All
Gorrillaz - Feel Good Inc.
LCD Soundsystem - Jump Into the Fire
Outkast - B.O.B.
J.O.Y. - Sunplus
Monk - Kick out the Chairs
New Order - Krafty
Clipse - Young Boy
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BWV 243
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Alabama 3? They're called A3 in America. The website is pretty terrible, but their music is fantastic. It's a mix of techno-folk-country-psychobilly-rock-downtempo-kickass. There are downloads here. The opening song of the Sopranos is a remix of "Woke Up This Morning", and can be found on "La Peste". Albums on Amazon are here.

"Exile on Coldharbor Lane", their first album, is excellent. Other people have given mixed reviews about "La Peste" and "Power In the Blood", but I've found them as great as the first. It's wicked-hard to find samples outside of the ones on their website, so here's Too Sick To Pray. Some of their other songs are more techno, others more rock--rent it from a library if you can.

DJ Shadow (try "Endtroducing . . .") might also be what you're looking for.
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I've got a long playlist I cycle through for my runs. Here's what's at the top now:

Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation
Rah Digga - Curtains
Talking Heads - Thank You For Sending Me an Angel
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
Public Enemy - How To Kill A Radio Consultant

At least three of the songs on your list are on mine as well-- email me from my profile if you want to check out the whole thing.
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Paul Van Dyk's Vorsprung Dyk Technik.
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Check out these previous threads on workout music: 1 2.

And some of the mixes available at thetastates are pretty good for working out to as well.
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The Chronic.
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From my gym mix...

Ryan Adams - Firecracker
The Decemberists - July, July!
Wyclef Jean - Stayin' Alive
The Spinners - Rubberband Man
Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar
The Cars - My Best Friend's Girl
Justin Timberlake & Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love?
Dee Lite - Groove Is In the Heart
Gipsy Kings - Bamboleo
The Roots & Talib Kweli - Rolling With Heat
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This is what mainstream rap is for. Seriously.

Techno can work too... I listen to Covenant a lot of times, especially "Call the Ships to Port"

Dropkick Murphy's... its loud, its fast, it'll keep you going, but its not too offensive to your ears.

Some early Chili Peppers rap is good for it..

Sublime if I'm running, just because I get a kick out of the lyrics, although I don't usually run with music.

My songs to add:
Covenant - Call the Ships to Port
Dropkick Murphy's - Never Alone

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blackeyed Blonde (the most insane bass slapping you've heard in your life)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Subterranian Homesick Blues (if you know the original Dylan, its fun to have)


The Team - Its gettin hot in here
Trick Daddy - Sugar
Lil' John - Get low
Ying Yang Twins - What's Happenin
50 cent - Disco Inferno
50 cent - Candy Shop
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When I started working out in earnest, my girlfriend at the time informed me that everyone knows that Prince is the best workout music. She turned out to be correct.
Lovesexy and Sign o' the Times proved particularly successful for me.

Am I the only one who still listens to whole albums? Jeez.
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It is my dirty little secret that I listen to incredibly cheesy euro trance when I'm running. No one will ever know.
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Wait a second ori.. I thought that was MY secret!
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"Eye of the Tiger" Survivor
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ori, eurasian, join the club. perhaps we should start a secret society.
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My soundtrack for running is the Chemical Brothers and Underworld (I found their live CD to be the easiest to run to). I was able to lose 35 lbs thanks to them (and the zone diet).
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For the most part... Fun House by The Stooges.

You might look a little funny jogging to it though...

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Sugar: Copper Blue
Muscular and melodic.
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just a couple recommendations-

The Faint - Danse Macabre
The Postal Service - Give Up
anything by the Pixies

I also download the Rachel Maddow Show every day.
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Every time a thread like this comes up, I always suggest Revv Me Up from the Venture Bros.

This ride is gonna be rough
This meat is gonna be tough
I've got a heart like a beet
I feel the gas in my feet
This naked preacher will play
He'll wrassle Satan today

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Try any of the military running cadence's found here.
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The new Electrelane has been doing wonders for me since it's recent release. It's a superb record--I don't care what the critics say!

Also, the last Lemon Jelly and Ratatat albums, Bikeride's Morning Macuba, M83'S Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts, Mazarin's Tall-Tale Storyline, Death from Above 1979's You're a Woman, I'm a Machine, The Constantines' two full lengths, Lightning Bolt's Wonderful Rainbow, The Decemberists, MIA's Gulang... that's all I can think of off the top of my head.
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its not it's! grr.
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Oh, and many of the records I listed are available cheap from
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Trance is my favorite workout music. The combination of fast and slow layers psyches me exactly right. The usually positive tone of the music further enhances its quality.
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Am I the only one who still listens to whole albums? Jeez.
No, you're not.

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Music I jog to: Vitalic, The Boy Least Likely To, Architecture in Helinski, Bobby Birdman, The Books, The Fiery Furnaces, The Boredom, Stereolab, Bjork.

And yes, I realize I pay too much attention to Pitchfork.
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Me & a few fellow runners have found that music we listened to in high school (assuming we still like it) makes runs go by very quickly, most likely due to the familiarity.

Also, for whatever reason, Keith Sweat makes for a smoooooth run.
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Books on tape. Or on CDs. Or even, these days, MP3s. Assuming you're not addicted to rhythm while you run. Who has time to read?
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