What exactly is the Transformation Super Challenge?
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What exactly is the Transformation Super Challenge? Chris Krueger has some interesting YouTube videos that claim to have a diet/exercise program that can work for anyone. However, the only way to find out about the program is to shell out $55 via his web site. In searching for any reviews of the program, I noticed that every link seems to go to a web page that he runs/owns. I can't find one single review that is not sponsored by Chris Krueger. Has anyone used this program, or can at least give a thumbnail sketch as to what it entails?
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Rule of thumb: A product that works doesn't need to be astroturfed.
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From your description it sounds like a scam. I could list out all the reasons, starting with the name "Transformation Super Challenge," the outrageous yet vague claim (it can work for anyone), and the fact that you have to pay money to find out any details.

If you want to get in good shape, there is no need for any special program. There are no "secrets" or shortcuts.

In general, eat healthy and get vigorous daily exercise. That's it. I just told it to you for free.

If you want to get scientific about it and get into exactly what foods are healthy and how much of them to eat and all that, then there are tons of inexpensive books on that topic, but it isn't that complicated. It's mostly just common sense: when you aren't hungry any more, stop eating. And, you know, eat mostly stuff that's actually food.

There is NO need to pay someone $55 for a "program."

This is something you can do for free.

(However, joining a gym is an option if you like working out with other people.)
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This is either a scam or the guy is a devoted follower of Andy Galambos.
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That's pretty amusing. I spent a minute on Google and the internet is just saturated with blogspam about this stuff. A lot of it seems to be auto-generated pseudo-articles, and occasional astroturfing forum posts. I still couldn't figure out what it is.
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It's not a scam. I went to high school with Chris for a year (I a senior, he a freshmen). That said, I wouldn't consider myself biased in my opinion of him as we've never been more than friends of friends.

He's an exceptionally bright guy with a remarkably fast mind and is able to set + follow thru on goals better than most people.

As far as his credentials when it comes to transformations... I believe the over-the-top name of his program came when he got a few of his friends from high school together after they finished college. Several had become obese, some had always been obese. They pooled some cash and the 'Transformation Super Challenge' winner took all. The results surprised the heck out of me when I ran into several of them at a BBQ a few years ago. Most of the success cases that I'm aware of are males aged 22-27.

The trouble with his program, from a financial standpoint, is that he doesn't have any supplements, dodads, etc to sell you. In fact, for several years, he's offered email and consultations for free because he seems to genuinely enjoy helping people. His message and system is pretty basic—eat healthy, exercise—but if you get any personal guidance for that $55 it's probably a better value than you'd receive from a trainer at a gym who's goal is to make you dependent on weekly, expensive sessions.

That said, I very much doubt his program would work for me. I tend to be numbers/spreadsheet driven and my body needs protein supplementation amongst others in order to put any weight on.
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