Free loops or some kind of easy to play freeware indie music generator with world sounds?
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Need a freeware source for an indie music generator that's easy to use.

Would like to lay down some simple tracks with some kind of world music vibe (didge, hangdrum, indian flutes, djembe drum etc) that would forgo the need for me to record them. Just generate and lay em down straight into the music editor. It's got to be really simple - I'm using Audacity and would like just to focus on the vocals and the main sound. If needed I'll add to it later.
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Thanks for any leads! ~*~
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From a free perspective, I looked at several open source/freeware midi sequencers
And looked for world music soundfonts e.g. or
And with a soundfont player like FluidSynth, hook them up.

It is not exactly uber easy/straightforward to setup or use.

I went the other way - got an osx machine to use garageband. There is a world music jam pack for garageband, it comes with ethnic instruments and lots of apple loops. If you are on osx, might want to look in that direction.
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Seconding Garageband on OSX
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