Forgotten movie title...
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Help me remember the name of a movie, please? Here's what I (think) I remember: 90s or 00s setting, foreign-language with subtitles, set in European local, possibly Scandinavian, overcast skies, commuting to work via train. Plot revolved around a man who lost his job, but did not tell his family, he just kept going into the city every day. Fuzzy on anything else...
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Best answer: Was it Time Out?
posted by FrauMaschine at 7:04 PM on August 10, 2011

Best answer: Was it the French film, Time Out/L'Emploi du Temps?
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Response by poster: Bingo! Thanks to you both...
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It's bizarre that neither Wikipedia nor IMDB mention this, but Time Out was based on a nonfiction book by Emmanuel Carrère called L'Adversaire. There was a film of the same name made in 2002, just one year after Time Out. I haven't seen either movie but the original book is one of the most thrilling nonfiction books I've ever read.
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