Trying to track down funny comic book superhero website.
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I'm having trouble tracking down a site about lame comic books I'm sure was posted on MeFi a while ago.

As I remember it, the articles were scathing but tempered with an obsessive fondness for the genre. Each article was introduced by a character from some super-lame comic.

One of the introductions was from a dinosaur that had a TV embedded in his forehead that broadcasted his thoughts...if that helps.
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Best answer: This isn't an answer, but it might help lead to one. The tv dinosaur you mentioned sounds like the Thought Beast of Krypton, Superman's home planet. The dinosaur-esque creature had a huge video screen above it's forehead that would show (I beleive) what the creature was thinking about. Usually it showed the Thought Beast eating Superman. Evolution sure worked strangely on Krypton.
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Response by poster: NewGear - you are bang on the money!

Armed with the name of the Thought Beast and remembering that the site explained how they all went broke playing poker - google was able to come up with this;

The site I was after - in thirteen minutes flat!

Nice work NG.
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BOOM! Quite welcome,'s always nice when Ask MetaFilter comes together and solves problems, isn't it? It's an amazing community.

I'm always happy to help. And thanks for posting the link; that'll be fun to look through.
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Oh, wow, that's a neat website.
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And here's my tiny claim to Intarweb fame - the guy who owns and operates that site is an old friend of mine from college. Great guy. A little goofy, but so are all my friends...
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