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Computer Hardware Filter- where to find older, cheap computer parts...

So recently I became the proud owner of an old (had a pentium 2 in it) server case which fortunately has a 10 bay rack. I am stoked! This behemouth is perfect for the home server I've been wanting to build.

Here in lies my question, where can I find older hardware for this box? I do not need any top of the line, or even currently produced motherboards or chips for this data repository. I've checked out newegg but prices there don't seem to well, ideally I would like a motherboard/chip/memory combo from a salvaged or refurbed system.

Any other places I should check out? I would ideally like to have this accomplished for under a hundred bucks, or less. If I can't find what I am looking for, I may head out to microcenter but its a hike.

Tldr: cheap, old, used hardware websites to purchase equipment.

Thank you!
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the goodwill near me has a whole room of old computers...have you tried any thrift stores?
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Where are you located? Depending on where you are, there are surplus and recycling outlets.
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Craigslist. People around here are always dumping old PCs for $20 on Craiglist. I also often see listings for random boxes of hard drives and the such.
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I would consider ebay but I've self imposed a ban of any and all ebay/paypal companies (actually had a friend buy me in to metafilter due to my strong dislike of paypal, I was burned by them).

Goodwill is a good idea, and I should scour craiglist.

Thanks, and keep any ideas flowing.
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I bought a very similar computer 7 years ago. I played around with old SCSI drives and cards, upgrading to a low-end Athlon, and all that. I found most of the fun stuff on eBay, some on Craigslist.

I still have the giant 10-bay case, but every internal component has been replaced. The name of that computer is inspired by its case: Hull.
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I have had excellent luck with Compuvest for finding low priced, sub state of the art components.
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Try a wanted post on Motor City Freecycle.
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Check charity shops. I don't know where you are, but Goodwill have an awesome store in Houston that only resells donated computers and parts. There's one in Austin and, I think, other Texas cities too, not sure where else it has spread in the country, but there may be similar organisations in your area.
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Frys carries a lot of older-generation stuff, in addition to the new stuff.
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This may not be relevant to your location, but a local university here has regular public sales of surplus materials, including computer equipment. Might be worth checking with schools in your area.
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You can do a search based on zip code on GovDeals to see what local schools systems and governments are trying to get rid of and bid on it. Lots of old computer gear to be had, often for mere dollars, but usually you have to go pick it up in person. As they say, "AS IS - WHERE IS."
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Most thrift stores have absurdly high prices on old computers. Craigslist is probably a bette bet. You might even be able to get what you want for free.
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