Custom meetings in Adobe Connect?
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Is it possible to create a custom Adobe Connect meeting room?

In essence, can I create any kind of customized skin or color scheme for my Adobe Connect meeting room? I'd like to include .gif icons and a branding color scheme.

I can't find any clear answers in the user forums via Adobe.
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I looked into this a few years ago, and Adobe told me that the only thing we could brand was the placeholder slide that attendees see while they wait for the meeting organizer to log on. But maybe things have changed since then?
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You can upload a background to change the room appearance. (Meeting - Preferences - General from inside the meeting). That seems to be about the limit of customization. I don't see anywhere to change the look and feel of the Pods themselves.
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In addition to the background image that IanMorr mentioned above, you can customize the colors and logo of the Adobe Connect meeting interface but they are changes that will take effect at the level of the whole server instance, and I don't believe it's possible to change these on a per-meeting basis.

To access these settings, you need to have access to the administrator control panel and go to Administration > Customization > Customize meeting.
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