Rocket Kits in Rochester, NY?
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Nephews birthday. Where can I find rockets in Rochester, NY? Surprisingly, Wegmans doesn't have them‽

I traveling to Rochester NY this weekend, it's my nephews birthday. His mom thinks he's old enough to build and fly a model rocket. I did the same with my dad at his age, it sounds like fun.

But neither she nor I have any idea where to buy the supplies. All the hobby shops I knew 30 years ago are long gone.

So, model rocket kits in Rochester: Where? The closer to Henrietta the better.
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Best answer: Dan's Crafts & Things is the comprehensive hobby shop in the area. It's not in Henrietta, but like everything else in Rochester, it's just a 15-minute drive away.
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Gift shop at the Strong Museum of Play will most likely have a LOT of very cool rocket-themed gifts. You don't need to buy a museum admission to hit the gift shop, IIRC.
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Best answer: Hobby Lobby had some rocket stuff last time I looked. According to their website they have a store in Webster, NY. I don't know how close that is to you.
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I'm nthing Crafts & Things as a great place to shop, period. Another good question is where's a good place to launch a rocket in the area...
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Michael's carries rocket kits, and there are several in Rochester.
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We used to get them from millenium hobbies, but I don't know if they still sell them or not.
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Skip the Strong, go straight to Dan's as mentioned above.
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Ace Hardware usually has a decent supply of model rocket stuff, including beginners kits that come with a launch pad and motors. Some of the basic kits are snap-together and can be done in a few minutes if you don't want to mess with glue and aligning fins and whatnot.
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