Using Facebook on iPhone without switching to the mobile site
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Is there ANY way to actually use the normal, non-mobile version of Facebook on an iPhone anymore?

The Facebook app for the iPhone is abhorrent, especially when it comes to trying to post a link or a YouTube video because it won't create the preview and in some cases not even convert the URL into a clickable link.

An old solution used to be to log into Facebook on Safari, but now whenever I do that Facebook force-reloads me into the mobile version of Facebook... which is essentially the app.

The most frustrating, almost smashed my iPhone in rage thing about it I discovered this morning was that there is actually a link on the top of the Facebook profile in the mobile app that reads "use desktop version." Clicking this sends you to the normal Facebook home page.... which is coded to immediately detect you're on an iPhone and switches you to the mobile app version. In other words, there is a function that is only useful for one situation, and when you're in that situation, it doesn't work.

Are there any known workarounds for this?
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Best answer: You can use a a browser like atomic web and change the settings as to how the browser identifies itself.
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That option actually works for me and allows me to use the desktop site, so I'm not sure what's going on for you. Do you have the latest firmware?
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To clarify, atomic web has a setting the makes it identify itself as desktop safari, firefox, or internet explorer.
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Response by poster: Patbon- the iPhone is the latest firmware as far as I know and the Facebook app is most recently downloaded- downloaded it about two weeks ago I'd say. Not sure what else to offer... clicking "Desktop version" literally loads the desktop version for about a half second and then switches to the mobile site.
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I have had no problems using the "use desktop version" link; the last time I tried this was on Saturday. However, on account of not having an internet connection at home for almost two months (it's a long story), and not being allowed to have cell phones in my office, I haven't updated my iPhone firmware or iOS version recently. One of my pet peeves are those little circled numbers in the app icons, so I've become compulsive at going into App Store and hitting "Update All" just so the little red number goes away.
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OP, you're not going mad: I see the same thing, i.e. that the "Desktop version" link, which used to work, now lands me back on the same mobile site. That's using Safari on an iPod Touch 4G running iOS 4.3.3.

If you've got a desktop browser around, you can report this as a bug by going to 'Help' (it's one of the links in the footer). 'Report a bug' is offered as a link under the search box on the Facebook Help Centre page.
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Is this a recent issue? Facebook has been having some sort of mobile issue in the last day or two. I've been hearing reports of problems from friends, and I personally can't use the blackberry app at all and haven't been able to load the mobile website on Android.
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FWIW, I just tested with Atomic Web. After setting the browser to ID itself as Safari Desktop, I successfully switched to the desktop interface.

I suspect this is just a bug and they'll fix it but in any case there is your work-around. Atomic Web costs money but it supports a wider variety of video formats than the regular safari (Yay, mobile!) so I think it's worth it.
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Seconding Atomic Web. It's worth it just to have a second browser, and for, well, problems like yours (see references above to browser ID). Also, tabbed browsing, better full screen, options aplenty, unicorns, rainbows etc.
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