Does audio improve video?
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Any studies showing improved audio quality affecting perceived video quality?

I'm looking for studies showing increase in perceived video quality when only audio bit rate has been changed. I.e. same video clip was shown with different audio rates and subjects were asked to rate the video quality.

I believe I've seen this before, but can't locate the study or report. Ideally looking for summary or charts comprehensible to general population.
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Here you go.
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Also here.
Performing an
ANOVA on the audio MOS revealed a statistically significant
influence of the audio transmission settings on the perceived
audio quality (MOSA; F=3.5, p=0.032). However, a post hoc
test (Scheffe) showed that there was only a difference between
the best and the worst audio channel settings. We did not
find any interaction between the audio channel settings and
the perceived video quality (MOSV (F=0.183, p=0.673), a
result also found in [8]. As expected, we found a statistically
significant impact of the video channel settings on MOSV
(F=62.47, p<0> video channel settings on the MOSA (F=0.3, p=0.59). A post
hoc test (Scheffe) showed that MOSV differed for all video
channel settings.
Bsically-- audio and video quality both had an impact on perceived audio-video quality, and video had a greater impact. They didn't see any significant impact, however, of audio quality on perceived video quality, or for the reverse.
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