Blue Suede Shoes?
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I need blue shoes to go with this bridesmaid dress.

Ok! I have chosen the dress and I'm kind of in love with it. The only difference between the picture and what I will be wearing is sash color: it will be dark, dark blue.

Now I need the shoes.


1. The bride has left our shoe options open, but they must be blue to semi-match the dark navy sash. She says cobalt blue will look wonky, so I'm thinking a vintage-y, dusty blue or a deep velvet blue. I don't know.

2. The wedding is on a farm in Georgia, so they have to be wicked comfortable. They also can't be thin heels, as I would spend all day sinking into the lawn. Therefore, wedges or chunky heels would be best, I guess. However, all of the wedges I have seen are too informal. All of the chunky heels I have seen are equally chunky in the toe area, making them not especially feminine.

Any resources would be appreciated! Online shops, brick and mortar shops in NYC, and even mere inspirations will help.
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Too sparkly? (The bow clips on and is removable.)
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blue dress shoes on zappos
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Sorry, bad link. Click blue on left column and you get nearly 400 results. Good luck.
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Navy satin flats

Satin wedge
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I really like these.
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Flamenco shoes?
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Can't go wrong w/Louboutin. Also perhaps Miu Miu (may be too booty)?
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These are sort of darling in a vintagey way.

Blue, chunky heel, and suede

These are the most comfortable shoes ever.

Get a pair of SoleMates and wear awesome shoes like these:

Gorgeous and Sparkly!
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Er, do you happen to be a size 8?
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Cute dress!
I can't vouch for comfiness but how about these wedges?
Franco Sarto heels
Nine West Shana Wedge
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Response by poster: jenny76: I'm really into those satin wedges! That could be the ticket.

Sorry, I should have said no flats. The dress's hemline is too long for flats. It would just look off balance. I need a lil lift.
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I have these shoes in blue and they are super comfy (they have cork footbeds, nearly as supportive as birkenstocks), look great with lots of different outfits, and have a chunky (but not too!) heel. I think they'd look great with the dress you linked above.
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