My iPad sucks
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Best iPad apps for work - what do you use to make your work day easier on the iPad.

I want to be more productive, at work, with my iPad, how can I do it? What apps do you use to make your work day more productive with an iPad?

In addition to the broad productivity question what can I use in meetings to take notes and then move those notes to my computer for follow up?

For clarification - I'm not ditching my computer, just want to incorporate the iPad. My primary work machine is Windows (using exchange for email and calendar on the iPad) but also have a mac mini. Thanks!
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Evernote. Easy to use note taking app, cross platform, syncs between your iPad and your home PC.
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Yes, evernote is great. I also use Docs to Go to work with Office documents.

I also find that using a bluetooth keyboard greatly improves my productivity. I have the Apple model, and it's very nice.
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Definitely Evernote. I tried just about every note taking app, with various syncing options, and I just keep coming back to Evernote.
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Dropbox features heavily in my app ecosystem
I use plaintext for notes (free, syncs to dropbox, works offline)
textastic is nice for quick HTML
Good reader is very nice esp when you might need to grab something for reading later
Nthing docs2go, though I use numbers for tabulating new data. It's faster and far more pleasant to use for data collection
Soulver is my what-if engine
Bamboo paper and penultimate are both good for those 'bar napkin sketches'
Find iPhone has been helpful on more than one occasion in my cluttered apartment
Citymaps2go is my current offline map of choice, though it would be nice if labels were more legible

Largely though imap email, about a doz calendars (some of them mine, some are subs) and numbers take care of 90% of my work related needs.
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The next book from David Sparks, iPad At Work might be of interest to you. His site might also be worth checking out for the Home Screens series. Read what apps people are using there, as a lot of them run their own businesses. His podcast refers to the ipad a fair bit too, but this episode might be particularly useful, although outdated.

Evernote is great, but there are a ton of apps out there (on preview: as mce says)that use Dropbox for syncing between your iPad and desktop (or phone). Personally I prefer plain text files to Evernote, so I go that route.
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Similar to above!

Good Reader to sync files for offline access
Docs2Go to edit Office docs
Simple Note for all my note taking
Evernote for bookmarks, scanned business cards

Also, World Bank Datafinder for stats lookup, Flipboard instead of Twitter to flick through links

One thing I REALLY need is the ability to select multiple files e.g. from good reader and send them as attachments to a mail. I am finding the iPad works pretty well for lots of things but if you have to write a complex email with lots of cutting and pasting and attachments it's a nightmare.

Having an iPad has also really shown me that I need to sort out my 5000+ messages in my inbox. The 200 new email limit is frustrating.
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First, learn markdown. Now you know markdown you need an editor that supports markdown. Elements is the best I have come across so far(until I write my own mega awesome one). Though to find it in the app store you need to search for elements dropbox
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I just started using it, but so far, Begin is a good project planner for people like me that don't have super complex planning needs.
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I like Merriam Webster free dictionary app. It lets you say the word you want to spell. Oddly enough, it is fairly accurate 99% of the time. Dragon Speak is pretty cool too if you want to give dictation a chance. It works well once you get past of the hurdle of trying to compose your emails with your mouth vs. your hands. It is odd how much thought this requires.

Bamboo has a pretty nice hand writing app. It is free if you want to give it a go. You can find a knock off stylus pretty cheap and they work well. Your finger will do a pretty good job too.
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This may not be useful for you, but as a techie who edits plain text files (ie no formatting), I find Textastic great. It has dropbox support, as well as ssh/sftp support for connectivity back to real computers.
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Re: Splashtop, there's also TeamViewer mobile (free) for remoting into computers, as well as PocketCloud, and theres a free and a pro version.
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ooh I'm not sure how I managed to miss iSSH in my previous comment. Does ssh/vnc/rdp and handles a bluetooth kb pretty well.
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