Writer for Details Magazine in the 90's? *Not* Anka Radakovich
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Who was the "gay writer" for Details Magazine in the 90's?

In the mid-nineties Details used to have this guy whose pieces were mostly about him and about being gay. Even when the article was supposed to be an interview of a band, it ended up featuring the writer (and often his gayness) very prominently.

There are two particular essays I remember of his:

1) He decided to try heterosexual sex again -- he hired a prostitute and lost his erection while changing positions.
2) He went undercover into a big anti-gay church in the middle of the U.S -- his big revelation was responded with something like, "So, you are gay, I wish you weren't. Ready for lunch?"

I cannot remember is his name, my google-fu has failed me and my archive of magazines from the era is long gone. Can someone help me remember?
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Lance Loud?
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Chris Heath?
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In the 1980s, this would have been Michael Musto.
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Best answer: You might be thinking of John Weir, whose essay "Like a Virgin" (about the gay man who hires a prostitute for a hetero sex encounter) was reprinted in the book PoMoSexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality.
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Response by poster: John Weir it is. Thanks virago (and everyone else who gave it a try)
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