Chrome prints image-only PDFs by default
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Chrome is printing web pages as image-only PDF by default. Why?

After having traced the problem, this is what I find. Hit Ctrl-P or select Print from the wrench menu, and Chrome presents a dialog box with printers and options listed at left and a preview screen at right. If I choose a PDF printer driver as the destination printer, it prints an image-only PDF, without text to select or search. It does this with any available PDF print driver.

If I select the subtle "Advanced" link at bottom, it prints a normal text-based PDF. Why does Chrome do this? I do not see any way to make a settings change to prevent this. I have to assume that it is related to Chrome's introduction of an internal PDF viewer, since the preview pane displays some of the same icons as the viewer does.
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I have this problem as well. I think its a bug in the latest version of Chrome because it just started happening in the past week.

Related: I want PDFs to open with Adobe because I have a full version of AcrobatX and by disabling the internal Chrome PDF handler, I can no longer print anything within Chrome.
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