Import/export? Yah ... I got that.
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Interested in a career change. Looking into trade compliance. I'd love some more information on what it entitles, the pay scale, and local Southern California industry networking groups.

Anonymous since co-workers read mefi and may know my username.

I'm currently a litigation and IP attorney in Southern California which is interesting, but I'm now realizing is not for me.

I've been thinking compliance would be a nice alternative career path since it involves a lot of legal rules and regulations and attention to detail. Which is part of what I like about my current gig. I like the idea of trade compliance since I'm near a major port and figure with increasing globalization and the increasing regulatory structure, there will most likely be a continuing need for trade compliance.

So what do I need to know? Does anyone here work in this area of compliance? What is the career trajectory like for someone working in this area? What is involved with an entry level compliance gig? Pay range?

Are there any local industry groups that hold networking events I could attend to meet people actually involved in the field? I'm living in Orange County, but don't mind travel to LA or San Diego if necessary.
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I'm also an attorney (working in international commerce), and am currently neck-deep in studying for the US Customs Broker License exam. I think if you want info on pay and opportunities, you should get in touch with and get on the mailing list for (or at least their jobs RSS feed). There are also a few LinkedIn groups that may be of interest.

I'm banking on a CB license as being a useful bargaining chip in getting trade compliance/ import-export work, but I will say that if you decide to do a CB exam prep course, STAY AWAY FROM BOSKAGE!!! If I were to give you my true feelings about them, I'd be risking obscenity charges. Suffice it to say that the materials are outdated, insufficient and vastly overpriced.

Feel free to memail me if you have any questions!

(Oh, and I believe user Balonious Assault is working in trade as well)
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I worked in compliance for a major broker dealer in NY for several years. I have no idea about the SoCal market. I was in equity and fixed income compliance. My email is in my profile.
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